The Lung Institute

Boxed In


I partnered with Publicis to direct a broadcast commercial designed to cut through the category clutter and give COPD suffers a ray of hope. The claustrophobic feeling of being short of breath was expressed visually with a long, uninterrupted shot and a slowly collapsing frame. This ultimately gives way to a brighter, more vibrant color palette as the patient is able to participate in their favorite activities again.


Director, Motion Graphics, Colorist

A frame from a cinematic broadcast commercial
A doctor in a cinematic broadcast commercial
A frame from a cinematic broadcast commercial
Actors in a park in a cinematic broadcast commercial
Motion graphics end tag for a broadcast commercial
Medical Motion Graphics Animation
Medical Motion Graphics Animation
A crew member slates the scene for a commercial shoot
A digital cinema camera being used for a broadcast commercial
Dolly track being placed for a camera move in a commercial

The Lung Institute

Publicis Hawkeye

Isaac Murray

Production Company
Southern Sky Films

Zach Bush
Kent Bishop
Ray Courtin

Creative Directors
Gary Hawthorne
Jeff Huser


Director of Photography
Andrew Hajek

Republic Editorial

Colorist (DC)
Isaac Murray

Motion Graphics
Isaac Murray

Audio Post (DC)
Dallas Audio Post

Original Music (DC)
Brad Dale


Arri Alexa XST
Adobe Premiere CC
Adobe After Effects CC
DaVinci Resolve 12

(DC) – Directors Cut

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