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Isaac Murray

A digital renaissance man with a host of interests across a variety of visual arts.

Filmmaker, designer, animator, tech nerd; these skills intertwine to create a design-centric, minimalist aesthetic that permeates all of his work. Isaac has worked in advertising for ten years since graduating in 2009 with a BA in Arts and Technology. During that time, he worked his way up the ranks at cutting edge – agency of the year – ad agencies before going solo in 2017. As an independent director, Isaac continues to work with Fortune 500 companies like Uber, Metro by T-Mobile, iRobot, Southwest Airlines, Goodyear, McAfee, MoneyGram, and many more.

My Values

Creative success starts with loving what you do.

Curiosity is king.

The constant desire to challenge, learn, and improve creates productive environments for projects to come to life.

Optimists always win.

By being humble, collaborative, and endlessly optimistic, we create the ideal conditions for creativity to prosper.

Authentic partnership.

Great brands deserve to work with people that genuinely care about their success. In the end, it shows in the work.


Projects Completed


Clients Helped


Years in Advertising
Production Process

A battle-tested process means repeatable results.


Pitch & Bid

Review the brief and recommend the best creative approach and estimate the cost of that method.


Solidify our approach and make sure it lines up with the goal of the content and where it's shown.


Develop all creative elements while wrangling any logistics for any live-action needs.


Organize production resources into action to capture all of the live-action content.


Phased project assembly. "Offline" for agility at the start and "Online" for fine-tuning at the end.

Delivery & Mastering

Final masters are created and adapted for all the various distribution platforms.


My multidisciplinary approach means fewer people to onboard, lower cost, and more time spent making your content great. It’s like agency talent ala carté.

Ad Agencies

Thanks to my ten years employed at various agencies – I know the process and can integrate tightly with existing teams. It’s like having an in-house resource.