Motion Graphics

I specialize in creating design-centric animation for my clients across several execution styles.

One of the most effective ways to communicate complex ideas is through animation. The essence of the format requires objects to be distilled to their most compelling forms. Above all, I strive to design rich environments and charismatic characters guided by the 12 principles of animation. Whether its motion graphics explainers, cel animation, or 3D product demos – animation is one of the core services I provide.


Motion Graphics Reel

Motion Graphics

Motion design holds a special place in my heart. I had my first “official” job as a graphic designer, so my decade-long experience with design and illustration empower my animated projects. My minimalist style of motion graphics allows me to boil down complex topics and ideas into concise concepts.

2D Animation

I use cel animation to solve for complex shots where computer generated motion graphics won’t work or as an aesthetic choice. This method of drawing each frame by hand is tedious but rewarding. 2D animation is a great choice for projects that need an organic feeling that comes from line boil or the fluidity of movement in characters and effects.

AR/VR Asset Production

Virtual reality and mixed reality are rapidly becoming more commonplace and as more users strap on VR headsets or experiment with AR apps. As AR and VR grow, so does the need to digitize products and create engaging branded experiences. Whether it’s creating the entire experience or just creating the assets, I can lend my expertise to your next project.

3D Modelling

I specialize in hard-surface modeling, specifically vehicles and products, but can work with just about any challenge presented to me. I can create 3D models from scratch or convert existing CAD designs to render ready files.

Look Development

This is where my experience as a director, cinematographer, graphic designer, and colorist comes in handy. When creating shaders, lighting setups, and camera moves, I leverage my extensive on-set knowledge. I treat every 3D project with the same techniques I use on set, which yields photorealistic renders with cinematic quality.

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