Editorial & Post

My multi-discipline approach allows me to offer my clients a turn-key post production experience that doesnt sacrifice on creative quality.

Actors playing news anchors for a wireless company commercial

Offline Editorial

A great story without delivery falls flat. Great editing locks your attention on what is essential and guides you through the narrative. This, along with attention to detail on music, visual effects, voice-over, and color timing are what sets a project apart – and are a fundamental part of the workflow on my projects.

VFX & Compositing

Sometimes shots need a little extra help to look their best. I elevate projects with VFX, like cleaning up a product, extracting a green screen key, or compositing CG elements.

Color & Finishing

Color grading offers another opportunity to weave artistic choices into the narrative. But making a shot look beautiful is equal parts artistry and arithmetic. My distinct creative style and the combination of my degree in Arts & Technology and years of studying advanced color science topics ensure every shot lives up to its maximum potential.

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