Creative Direction

My design-driven aesthetic and technical know-how help bring projects of all types to life.

At the core of every great story lies vision and craft, but creativity doesn’t materialize out of a void. I firmly believe it takes a concerted effort, candor, and curiosity to arrive at the core story of every project. By asking questions and learning about your brand, I develop strategy-driven creative.



Great storytelling is rooted in substance and strategy. A belief that requires that I ask questions, try new approaches, and innovate. By taking the time to fully understand the business requirements, I can target the creative to address the specific needs of your video marketing campaign. This drives a client-focused experience and delivers award-winning projects that meet strategic goals.


Working hand in hand with your team, I draft a script that is both creatively compelling and targeted to the unique platform it will be seen on. This ranges from narrative-driven content to pre-scripts used in documentary style content.


With the script in hand, I focus on creating the visual flow and framing of the video with the storyboards. This is where my unique style as a director comes into play with most projects taking on minimalist, design-centric aesthetic.


One of the unique services I provide my clients is pre-visualization, or “PreViz.” I create a rough 3D animation version of the live-action commercial, which allows for creative exploration and technical planning during pre-production as opposed to on set, where experimentation can become costly.


As the creative director, I develop high-level concepts based on the video brief and then execute them across the various elements of the production to create a compelling and cohesive visual story.

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