Audio Post Production

Sound is an often overlooked but critically important part of video production. 

I provide standard audio post-production services in-house and partner with an audio post facility for higher-level productions.

A full CG render of a veterinary response vehicle

VO Casting & Record

The voice-over you use in a video can make or break the piece. Finding the perfect tone, vocal characteristics, and then directing the performance is critical. I work with casting agencies to find talent that is an ideal fit for the project. I then work with audio post facilities to record and direct the talent in the studio.

Sound Design

Creating the sounds that accompany the visuals adds a layer of depth to the final piece that elevates the content.

A shot of a football stadium from a documentary style brand video
A full CG render of a veterinary response vehicle


A good mix makes sure that dialog is intelligible, the music and sound design work in harmony, and that the piece meets all technical requirements for the distribution platform.

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